Apartment buildings with class A energy efficiency are built with a “green” mind set. Solar panels on the roof provide extra energy and all the apartments have underfloor water heating. Your future home comes with practical floor plans and a beautiful view from a sunny terrace. Enjoy every moment of your day thanks to great soundproofing.



Foundation and plinth – all the houses to be built as well as the underground space between them are supported by piles, onto which is cast a monolith reinforced concrete slab, which is also what the plinth is made of.
Exterior walls – the exterior walls are made of 460 mm thick three-layer sandwich elements. A 220 mm thick layer of wool is used for insulation.
Interior walls – the interior walls between the apartments and the hallway as well as other load-bearing walls are made of 200 mm thick prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. The walls inside the apartments are made of plasterboard on a metal structure and have mineral wool insulation.
Ceilings – the ceilings are made of 240 mm thick monolith reinforced concrete. The underfloor heating piping is assembled on top, and screed is poured to level the floor.
Balconies – the balconies are held by a steel structure. The floors are covered with roof covering material glued onto water-resistant plywood. The railings are made of steel with laminated glass elements.
Roof – the roof is made of 200 mm thick monolith concrete, insulated on top with 300 mm thick insulation at angles. A 50 mm levelling layer is poured on top of that and then covered with two-layer roof covering or PVC covering.
Windows –  aluminium and wood windows with triple panes. The inner glass is spectrally selective glazing. The thermal conductivity of the windows is u = 1.0 W/m²K.
Doors – the hallway doors are insulated glass units in aluminium frames. The front door of the apartment is a painted wood fireproof security door with a safety lock and a peephole. The doors inside the apartment are painted wood doors with locks and door handles. The strips are the same colour as the door.
Safety – entry to the hallway and storage areas is equipped with a smart lock (using a magnetic card). The doors of the buildings are equipped with an intercom system.
Lift – each staircase has a lift that goes to the cellar floor.
Heating – the building is heated with district heating. The living quarters and common spaces are heated with underfloor heating equipped with thermostats. There is non-electric underfloor heating in the wet rooms, and the cellar floor has warm air heating.
Ventilation - every apartment has its own individual ventilating apparatus. Fresh air is directed into each room, air is extracted from washrooms and kitchens. Kitchens have individual pipes for an extractor hood leading to the roof. The cellar floor has a separate ventilating apparatus.
Smoke exhaust – each staircase has a motorised hatch for smoke exhaust. The cellar floor has smoke exhaust ventilators.
Electricity – the electricity meters of the apartments are located in the switchboard rooms in the cellar. Each apartment’s electrical cabinet is located in that apartment. Sockets, switches and ceiling lights in the washrooms have already been installed.
Weak current – TV and data communication cables have been installed in the apartments. Antenna and data communications sockets are available at each TV spot. Computer network sockets are installed in rooms near the desk.
Energy efficiency – the energy efficiency label A has been determined on the basis of energy calculations. Solar panels will be installed on top of the building to generate electricity. The installed power is approximately 45 kW.

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